Women of the West Awards

Jocelyn Sio was “shocked and really proud” when her name was called out at Friday’s Women of the West awards for 2016.

A member of the Mount Druitt Pacific Islander community, Ms Sio was honoured for her work with at-risk youth at Mount Druitt Ethnic Communities Agency.

She was named highly commended in the Young Women of the West category, which highlights the achievements of female western Sydney residents aged 18-28.

The panel made special mention of the passion Ms Sio exhibited, drawing on her own experience of disadvantage.

“A lot of people say Pacific Islanders will never amount to anything,” Ms Sio told the Star.

“For me today, it was to show that Pacific Islanders can amount to big things and be great.”

A volunteer with the Cobham Juvenile Justice Centre for more than six years, Ms Sio said it wasn’t until she was voted school captain in year 12 that she began to gain confidence. “That’s when I decided I was going to strive for more,” she said.

A major focus of her work is helping at-risk young men move away from bad habits and find pathways that match their own interests.

“A lot of them can’t identify their skills because they have never been mentored or encouraged in high school.”

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I try to help build up the character of boys, to help them identify with what real men are about – I want to enable these young men to see they have great skills."

Jocelyn Sio

Nothing is Impossible.

When I was growing up, there was no such thing as doing media or music even if you wanted to. The only thing we had to do is eat, sleep, go to school, come back home, that’s it."

John K-ay

We celebrated our 200th Volunteer.

Essentially, we support people who are interested in working in the community, whether that be in youth programs, social justice, human rights or whatever area their skill set can lead them to."

Amie Hope [Manager]