Our Funding Bodies.

Australian Department of Social Services (DSS) – Settlement Grants Program

MECA receives funding under the Settlements Grants Program to increase clients’ independence, knowledge and ability to navigate mainstream services. Our organisation focuses on providing assistance to those humanitarian visa entrants, Arabic and Farsi speaking clients, new and emerging communities and eligible youth within the local area. We are able to achieve the aforementioned goals through the provision of casework, group information sessions and access facilitation. Access facilitation refers to assistance provided to clients in order to address settlement issues that pertain to life skills, driving and road safety, health, financial management, housing employment, family relationships, education and understanding of the legal and welfare system. Other activities include a youth leadership development program and academic support initiatives.

NSW Department of Family & Community Services (FACS) - CALD Youth Project

MECA receives funding from FACS to provide services that promote community capacity building and community skills development. MECA aims to build strong communities by supporting the most disadvantaged young people within our community in their social participation and community engagement, whilst also helping those individuals and groups develop and strengthen their personal networks. Projects undertaken with the use of this funding aim to increase members use and knowledge of existing community resources. As such, MECA provides services and information to clients between the ages of 12-24 pertaining to educational, recreational and vocational opportunities in the local area. NSW Department of Family & Community Services (FACS) - CALD Youth Project